Many people seek out psychic help not only to achieve guidance about their life but also out of curiosity about their future. These days many online psychic services have sprung up but one has to be beware of all those fraudulent people who are providing fake psychic advice just to raid innocent people. Thus they not only harm us financially but also emotionally by giving us false hopes and feelings of deprivation. So how can one know which service is a scam and which one is not especially when you are seeking online service where it becomes increasingly difficult to look for signs that giveaway the originality of the psychic? We have listed down some precautionary measures that you should take if you are considering for a psychic guidance. Make sure you remember them next time you are dealing with an online psychic service.

  1. Do ample research about the psychic services before selecting one

Research all the available psychic service provider before you make your decision. Check for customer reviews on their sites. There are even those who forge false reviews just to attract customers. Make sure you land the real psychic among the pool of so many out there. If there are consistently brief positive reviews then perhaps that’s because they are not genuine comments and are forged. You can also contact them on their phone number and talk to them about their services. Having a conversation and listening to the representative of the service provider will really help you determine whether they are fake or original. Nonetheless the best way you can choose a real psychic help is one which is recommended by those you trust, mostly your friends and family. One of our new client used this same method before selecting us. He did his complete research and fortunately he is friend with one of our old client John who owns  cell phone Repair Johns Creek, GA business. After getting recommendation from a close friend and doing all the researched, he signed up when he was completely assured. you should do the same.



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Many people consider spirit guides, guardian angels and Angelic messengers to be one and the same thing, however, they are not. There are significant differences between the three and we are going to see what these differences are. It will enable you to make an informed decision about choosing the one that is going to be most suitable for you. First let us discuss spirit guides.

Spirit Guide

Spirit guide is kind of a personal guide who has once lived on the earth. Every person has their own spirit guide however it is not necessary that one person has only one guide. Many people have two or three spirit guides in their lifetimes. However during psychic reading there is one chief guide that comes consistently and that is the one which is the part of one’s life on a daily basis. Spirit guides are meant to assist whomever person they are assigned toregarding their life issues and journey. As the spirit guides have lived on the earth at one point in time, they have immense knowledge about a vast array of affairs. They are aware of each and every thought and action of their assigned person and they have special guide messages for them which they send through unique ways like during psychic readings.

Angelic Messenger

Angelic messenger are not embodied beings. They are non-incarnate and have never lived on the earth. Angels are the servants of God. Some people believe that angels are people who have the highest spiritual standing thus they are turned into angels rather than spirit guides however this is very rare. All angels are part of our lives. They are noting down our deeds whether good and bad for which we will be answerable one day. Therefore it is imperative that we believe in them. Continue reading


There are many great psychics around today so also are individuals out there who forcibly obtain money from vulnerable people seeking out having psychic readings performed.

It is normal for anybody who goes to a psychic, either online, in the office or perhaps by phone to have the hope of being regaled with visions of prosperity, wealth or the warding off of certain dangerous situations in the future. A psychic asking for extortionate fees could suggest that they are certainly a fake and performing it for the money and probably would not provide you with a true reading.

However, if you happen to found yourself in need of a real psychic, here are some real-quick notifying signals that will reveal to you instantly if you are in the presence of a genuine psychic or some busybody counterfeit.

10Examine the atmosphere: You need to be instantly on high alert if the office of the psychic is situated in the ghetto with bars and flashing neon signs, especially if he/she appears, draped in robes and scarves, with some gypsy music in the background. Then it must instantly become clear to you that the psychic is playing a character and leaning on his/her potential to lure people with emphasis on mysticism. The fact is, genuine psychics are normal people who happen to possess special gifts, and they often shy away from tasteless showiness.

2)Read in between the lines: Because of the fact that a person declares him/herself to be a psychic does not necessarily imply you must not be conscious. You need to take note of not just the atmosphere but likewise the use of words. For instance, fake psychics will say something like “There are times you will be extremely happy, and all of a sudden you will feel rejected”, anybody who hears that might believe, “yes that is me” however in reality, that happens to almost everyone. This is called cold reading and you should be on the lookout for one.

3)Watch out for guarantees: Be careful if your psychic offers you a 100% guarantee of talking to your dead relative, or to help you glean information concerning the future. Real psychics are not exactly light switches that you can just turn on or off. Sometimes they are unable to provide the requested information and they know that. Therefore, as soon as you hear a psychic stating with confidence that you are certain to get your answers, run, and don’t look back. Thats exactly what our current client Hemant from limos wellington did (using his example with all his permissions only)did with his previous psychic.

4)Follow their eye movement: If you notice that your psychic is busy staring at you, constantly monitoring the way you sit, behave and talk, then most likely he/she is definitely reading your body language and not your future. There are many telling body cues that fake psychics constantly prey on in order to give you what might look like real psychic information.

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Psychic angels are not what a lot of people think of or perhaps are used to with regards to psychic skills. Exactly what it generally refers to is a reading between the psychic and the client’s guardian angel. In fact, angel implies messenger in Greek language.

An angel, used in this setting is a spiritual being which conveys duties from God or a higher being- most importantly messages that have urgency or special significance to the reading or time sensitive importance.

Figuratively, the angel is an image or metaphor for the overseeing of ordinary life and people’s soul as it progresses both here on earth as well as after their deaths. Psychics often bind this energy or imagery to procure information they believe is emanating from outside of the client, or person being read. They are generally known to be very compassionate, wise beings and helpful beings. They sometimes form in the pictures of human beings and are very elegant and beautiful.

For as many who believe, angels on their own possess some psychic powers which they are able to utilize to guide us through tough situations. Any specific inquiries the client has are directed to the angel for tips in the client’s life. Virtually any questions may be asked from the angels. Their main objective is to direct and protect. Consequently, the use of a psychic is simply a way of getting the angel’s information to the client in such a way they can fully grasp. The psychic is actually the facilitator or translator of information not available to the individual being study.

What exactly transpires when a psychic angel is used in a reading through?

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Angels are traditionally the messengers of God. The name angel is actually a Greek name which means messenger. Angels are regarded as divine beings with mysterious and enormous power. They are connected with nature, beauty, joy peace as well as love. Many people today sense the presence of angels around them and believe that they receive constant guidance and help from them in their daily lives.

People’s experience of angels includes things like, direct messages, spirits, indirect messages, and being driven away from danger. Many individuals have defined spirits of them from appearing like normal people to looking like conventional images of winged lovely people. Angels have likewise been referred to as pillars of light. Despite the fact that a lot of people have revealed seeing angels, the majority of people who successfully communicate with them do not in actual fact see them.

People today will call on their angels once they become sick, depressed or worried. Some will just seek assistance or contact them for bigger issues, while some will speak with their angels at all times and request for guidance on even the insignificant issues in life such as what to eat for dinner. People ask the angels to guide others. Again this might entail the significant challenges in life including the insignificant ones. Here is an example :


A lot of psychics use connection with angels to enhance their psychic expertise. A few even claim that they allow the angels to control their skills. By way of developing their relationship with them and understanding their information, they are capable to concentrate and direct their psychic powers to a much greater impact. They will often claim that their psychic skills would not have been developed without this relationship. The angels don’t give power; rather, they simply guide individuals to put it to use via the spiritual link.

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